How Do I Know What Package is right for my wedding?

   The Classical Guitar Violin Duo is What we do! I recommend it for the ceremony. It's definitely the sound to go with! We offer solo packages as an option to save a little money or perhaps you just love the solo violin or solo classical guitar. Both are totally sufficient and remarkably beautiful for any ceremony. The audio package add on is recommended for any ceremony with more than twenty people. The add on includes wireless microphones and a dedicated sound system to make sure your vows and every word spoken in your ceremony are heard and come through with clarity.

  The next thing to consider is your cocktail hour, the hour before your reception dinner. The absolute best value here is the violin guitar duo for the ceremony and the jazz trio for cocktail hour package. The trio is set up and ready to go as guests arrive at cocktail hour. The trio consists of upright bass, saxophone and guitar. We play an eclectic mix of bossanova, jazz standards,and love songs. This package also comes at a great value. It includes audio package for free, and is a one stop shop to have ceremony music and cocktail hour music taken care of. Also the best option if the ceremony is at one venue and the cocktail hour is at another. The bassist and saxophonist will already be set up and playing when guests arrive. I pack up at the ceremony and join them.

  Using the Guitar and violin ceremony plus cocktail hour works well for a ceremony and cocktail hour at the same venue. This provides a great flow and fun music all the way till dinner.

Do I need the Audio add on? What does it include?

 It's not essential for ceremonies of twenty people or less, but can come in handy if you want to guarantee that your spoken vows and the officiant are easily heard. It can be awkward when nobody can hear and sometimes it is very windy on San Sophia.

  We definitely recommend this add on for weddings of twenty Guests or more. The package includes all mics needed for the ceremony. Wireless mics for the officiant, readers from the audience, and the bride and groom for the vows. All mics are mixed into a dedicated system to provide a clear and professional sound.

What info do I need to provide for booking?

We will need the following info to put on the calendar and make sure everything goes smoothly. Ceremony date.Ceremony Location. Ceremony Time. Cocktail hour location (if different than the ceremony site). Which package you decide on. It is very helpful to have all of this info in one email so that important details don't get lost in the shuffle.

How do I go about selecting songs for the ceremony?

   We are happy to arrange and learn any song you would like. That said sometimes its difficult to come up with songs for a ceremony. We do provide a list of songs that work well.

  The list also includes the parts of the ceremony that generally require music .There are usually three selections that need to be made: the piece for the bridal party processional, the piece you walk down the aisle to, and the recessional. Our list is divided into three sets of songs that work well for the three specific selections you will be making.

My cermony is only twenty minutes. Can you pro-rate the two hour package?

  No. It takes us 4-5 hours to play a venue. This consists of of, set up time, breakdown time etc. This effort is factored into our rate. The reason we put a two hour time frame Is because we want to give you the value of our performance lasting up to two hours. This is built to include thirty minutes of prelude music before the ceremony and thirty minutes of postlude music after the ceremony. This is included in every package.

When is payment due?

   In our experience it's best to pay upon booking. For sake of ease, once you are on the calendar everything is taken care of. We have a one time payment button for the package that you select on the website. This takes steps out of the booking process which is a welcome benefit these things should never cost you more time and energy than they need to. On our side of things we keep track of  upwards of 60 weddings a year, and on your side you are working with many vendors or a planner who are juggling a lot. If you prefer to pay after the performance just let us know and we'll make a note of it. Not  a problem.

What Happens if I have already paid and need to cancel?

Let us know as soon as possible.We all want to have a great experience with this. Life Happens. I will give a full refund minus a $150 booking fee. If for any reason something happens that is out of our control and we cannot make the performance, we will also offer a full refund.

What is your weather policy?

 We have never called a performance off due to weather. Wedding planners on San Sophia know how bad it can get and how quickly. They usually have an alternate venue if things are very bad.

 We do reserve the right to call it if our instruments and gear are at risk of being ruined. Keep in mind Anneke's Violin is 300 hundred years old and worth more than the price of a moderate House. Not to mention the thousands of dollars worth of audio equipment we have. It is the job of the wedding planner to make sure everyone and everything is out of harm's way and they usually do a fine job with this. We will do the best we can to make the performance go forward. If we have to cancel we will refund half of our fee.

When will the music start?

  We Begin playing thirty minutes before the ceremony as guests are arriving. If your ceremony is at 4:00 we will start by 3:30 or when the first guests arrive. We will play for thirty minutes after the ceremony while pictures are taken etc. This is standard with every package. We refer to this as prelude and postlude music. If you have requests or a certain flavor for this music let us know. The prelude is usually classical with some pretty music, reverent and sentimental.Postlude music We are shooting for fun Jazzy and romantic.

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